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What To Expect At RBI Psychiatry

Initial Phone Call

When you first call Rabjohn Behavioral Institute for an appointment, one our receptionists, Kim, Lauren, or Stephanie, will want to know how you were referred to our office and get a general idea of what RBI can assist you with. 

A referral is NOT required to be seen for an evaluation at Rabjohn Behavioral Institute. Our receptionist will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Due to our heavy call volume, you may be asked to leave a message. If so, then one of our associates will return your call within 24 hours. 

What Is a Psychiatric Evaluation?

Most likely, your Primary Care Physician requested that you be seen by a qualified psychiatrist for an evaluation. Our evaluations at RBI are typically 60-70 minutes long. During this time period, you will have a full opportunity to "tell your story" and inform RBI what symptoms you experience and how those symptoms affect your ability to function. The primary goal of the evaluation is to determine the psychiatric diagnosis so that we can recommend the best possible treatment. Based on the diagnosis, the last part of the appointment will be spent discussing with you, the client, a variety of treatment options individualized for you. 

A psychiatric evaluation at Rabjohn Behavioral Institute specifically consists of a history of present symptoms, past psychiatric history, alcohol- and drug-abuse history, past medical history, a social history, family history and any additional information that can help us determine how you developed into the person you are today... and how RBI can help you obtain a higher level of functioning. 

For some disorders, Rabjohn Behavioral Institute encourages the use of standardized rating scales so we can accurately track a client's symptoms. At your Primary Care Physician’s office, there is a good chance that they recorded your pulse and blood pressure, which are objective measurements. By converting your subjective symptoms to an objective, standardized scale, RBI can follow those symptoms over time and use either psychotherapy or psychiatric medications to target specific symptoms. This practice is becoming more and more popular in psychiatric clinics.

We always encourage clients to try, if possible, to bring along a close friend or family member to their first appointment. This allows RBI to ask your friend or family member what changes they have noticed and how they feel those changes have affected you, the client. For example, it may be important for our clinician to ask your spouse if you toss and turn at night and have restless sleep, something that may be hard for you to answer. As a reminder, at RBI, we discuss nothing with friends or family members without your verbal and written consent. 

What Is "Psychiatric Treatment" and how long will it take?

At RBI, psychiatric treatment can be anything that we recommend to improve your current level of functioning. Typically, this will involve some form of medication management, possibly individual psychotherapy and behavior modifications (eating healthier, avoiding stressful triggers, etc.).

There is no exact answer as to how long it takes to respond to psychiatric treatment. At Rabjohn Behavioral Institute, follow-up appointments are scheduled based on the severity of the illness. Once it is determined that a client has responded appropriately to treatment, the client is usually free to return to their Primary Care Physician for their psychiatric care. For example, once a client feels they are no longer suffering from depression and they are functioning at a level they feel is appropriate, they are not required to follow-up further at RBI and they can return to their Primary Care Physician for their medications. Prior to this occurring, Rabjohn Behavioral Institute will contact the Primary Care Physician to discuss the case so that the transition is smooth and our treatment plan is followed.