Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology - 2009-current

Residency:  Psychiatry - University of New Mexico and Albuquerque VA Medical Center - 2008

MD:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR - 2004

Ph.D: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR - 1999

BA:  Austin College, Sherman, TX - 1995

Pat Rabjohn, MD, PhD, is a highly trained and board-certified psychiatrist with a reputation for excellence. With a PhD in molecular biology and a doctorate in medicine, Dr. Rabjohn was mentored by nationally recognized experts in a variety of psychiatric disorders and is today a published researcher. He is also a highly capable psychiatrist whose specialty knowledge and scientific background are the basis for RBI’s track record for good results.

A native of Mansfield, TX, Dr. Rabjohn is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for this community. Together, he and his team of professional therapists address your needs with the compassion, dedication and determination you deserve. We are attentive, friendly people who listen, cater to your comfort and treat you with respect. We care about you... and that your concerns are truly addressed. Because we know caring and dedication are vital to diagnosing your problem and improving your level of functioning.

Dr. Rabjohn has published research articles in several top medical journals.

1. Rabjohn, PA, Helm, EM, Stanley, JS, West, CM, Sampson, HA, Burks, AW, and Bannon, GA. Molecular Cloning and Epitope Analysis of the Peanut Allergen, Ara h 3. J. Clin. Invest. 1999, 103: 535-542. PDF file of Paper. 

2. Guangping Chen,
Pat A. Rabjohn, J. Lyndal York, Christina Wooldridge, Daqing Chang, Charles N. Falany, and Anna Radominska-Pandya. Carboxyl Residues in the Active Site of Human Phenol Sulfotransferase (SULT1A1). Biochemistry. 2000, 39: 16000-16007. 

3. Bannon G.A., Cockrell, G., Connaughton, C., West, C.M., Helm, R.M., Stanley, J.S., King, N.,
Rabjohn, P.A., Sampson, H.A., Burks, A.W. Engineering, Characterization, and in vitro Efficacy of the Major Peanut Allergens for Use in Immunotherapy. Intl Arch Allergy Immunol. 2001, 124: 70-72. 

Rabjohn, P., West, C.M., Connaughton, C., Sampson, H.A., Helm, R.M., Burks, A.W., Bannon, G.A. Modification of Peanut Allergen Ara h 3: Effects on the IgE Binding and T Cell Stimulation. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2002, 128: 15-23. 

Rabjohn PA and Yager J. The Effects of Resident Work-Hour Regulation on Psychiatry. Am J Psych. 2008, 165: 308-311. PDF Link of Paper.

Rabjohn PA. Is DSM Negatively Impacting Resident Growth? Resident Edition of Am J Psych. (on-line publication). 2008, 3: 4-5. PDF Link of Paper. 

7. Geppert C,
Rabjohn P, and Vlaskovits J. To Treat or Not To Treat: Psychosis, Palliative Care, and Ethics at the End-of-Life: A Case Study. Psychosomatics. 2011, 52(2): 178-184.

​8. Pat Rabjohn.  The Role and Postulated Biochemical Mechanism of L-methylfolate Augmentation in Major Depression:  A Case Report:  Psychiatric Annals.  2014, 44 (4): 

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