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At this time, Rabjohn Behavioral Institute does NOT provide care outside of our normal business hours, nor do we provide weekend or emergency care.  If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency or medical emergency, please call 911, go to your nearest Emergency Clinic or call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. 

Focused, Individualized, and Effective Care for Depression, Anxiety, and Adult ADHD

Rabjohn Behavioral Institute, PLLC​

1839 Cannon Dr, Ste 101

Mansfield, TX 76063


As of Dec 28, 2022, our office has relocated to 1839 Cannon Dr, Ste 101 in Mansfield.  It is about a 2 min drive from the old office.  It sits about 150 yards off the road behind Mansfield Pediatrics and Mansfield Family Dentistry.

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New Patients:

If you are a looking for psychiatric care for depression, anxiety, or ADHD, we would love to be your provider.  Both Dr. Rabjohn and Dr. Redd are accepting new patients.  Both are Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  Also, our three excellent therapists; Denise Jenkins, Tiffany Mylett, and Michele Gortney, are all taking new patients as well.  Please call 817-539-2282 to schedule.

For information regarding Dr. Redd and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, click here:

For information regarding Dr. Rabjohn and Adult Psychiatry, click here:

For Existing Patients:

Will my appointment be in-person or virtual?

Things continue to change week-to-week and month-to-month on whether we are open for in-person visits or just doing virtual visits.  We know this can be frustrating and it is frustrating to us as well.  We base our decision on current Tarrant County Covid numbers and whether or not any of our staff or staff family members are sick with covid or the flu. 

Currently, appointments are both in-person and virtual.

Hopefully, for the remainder of 2022, all five providers will be offering either in-person visits or virtual visits.  For example, Dr. Rabjohn typically does in-person visits on Mondays and Thursdays and Friday mornings, then does virtual visit appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  For most instances, we allow you the patient to choose which type of appointment you would prefer.

For Virtual Appointments:

If you choose a virtual visit, you are sent a link via email usually the day before your appointment.  If you do not receive a link, please let the front staff know at 817-539-2282.

Our preference is that you are on a computer and that you have privacy.  

We understand that many will choose to use their cellular phone.  This is fine, but      
please have headphones or a way to ensure your audio works.  For some reason, many patients have had recent issues with the audio on their phones.

Please do not be driving in your car during your appointment.  Most likely, we will ask you to reschedule if we do not have your full attention or you choose not to pull-over.  This will require a new, scheduled appointment and you will have to pay another appointment fee.  

We also require you to be sitting-up and prepared for your appointment.  For whatever reason, some people feel it is appropriate to be laying in bed for their appointments or still ‘under the covers’.  That isn’t appropriate for a scheduled medical appointment.  Please be awake, alert, and prepared for your visit.  We will not do appointments with you lying in bed and you will have reschedule and pay another appointment fee.

Other recent changes:

Dr. Shelley Durham is no longer affiliated with our office in any capacity.  We have notified her patients of this and they have been transferred to Dr. Rabjohn for care.  If you would like to continue seeing Dr. Durham for your psyciatric care then you can find her information on-line.  We are unaware of a specific clinic location for her current practice.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Several times in the last two years our staff members and providers have been yelled at, cursed at, and also threatened.  Any insulting, negative, or disrespectful behavior towards are staff or providers will result an immediate discharge from our clinic. Any threats of harm to anyone within our office will result in immediate notification to law enforcement.